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A better way for prescriptions.

View, Order, Pick up or Deliver.
All on your phone.

It’s about taking the hassle, worry and time out of managing your prescriptions – just the way it should be


Ever forgotten the names or dosages of your meds? Ever traveled and realized you left your meds at home? Keep your prescriptions in your own digital wallet – available for you when you need them. Anytime. Anywhere.

Don’t wait for your doctor to “call-in” your prescriptions to a pharmacy. Receive your prescriptions instantly on your phone and choose any pharmacy for pick up or delivery that’s most convenient for you.

Taking medication can be a real chore. ScalaMed makes it way easier. With automated warnings, reminders, and access to information on how to take your meds properly, we keep you safe and smart 24/7.

ScalaMed is always free of charge. We know medicine can be expensive, so we partner with your clinics to make sure ScalaMed is no cost to you. Coming soon, ScalaMed will also soon help you price compare, and find affordable options for your medicines. Just because health is necessary, doesn’t mean it must also be expensive.

How it works

Simple, Secure and Speedy.

In just 5 easy steps

Visit your Doctor

Your Doctor sends an e-prescription instantly
to your phone.

Download the ScalaMed App

A text message will appear on your phone.
Click the link, and download the App.

Review your prescriptions

In your App, you can read information
about your medications

Send to pharmacy

Directly from your App, search for a pharmacy
based on name or location

Pick up your medication

Head into the pharmacy (or wait for delivery)
to receive your medication.

Get Started

The future of your prescriptions starts here today.

Download the app today for any device

Download the app today for any device


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