About us

We know how hard health is, and we are dedicated to make it easy and intuitive.

We at ScalaMed are aligned in our belief that you are the most important person when it comes to your health, and so it just makes sense that you are in charge and have the right information at your fingertips to make health personalized for you.

We use our experience as patients (let’s face it we have all experienced how scary, lonely and painful bad health can be), care-givers (we have ageing parents, we look after our children, and we care for our friends – and we know how important it is to have the right information at our fingertips), doctors (our CEO is a trained physician and his in-depth understanding of the medical world means that every day, we apply the latest in medical knowledge, and the most important scientific breakthroughs, to keep you healthy and safe), pharmacists (we make sure that we bring together professionals across the health landscape that understand medicines so you feel so supported – like having a pharmacist in your pocket), and geeks (let’s be honest, building technology requires a certain amount of nerdiness – but hey we are proud to be making an impact on healthcare using code to change the future of medicine), to bring healthcare into the 21st century.

Life should be more about the important things in life – family, friends, community, love and nature. Yet when we get sick and need support, we believe healthcare can be friendly, personal, intuitive, and caring. We at ScalaMed are determined to support, help, educate, empower and care for you.

We love feedback, and really want to hear from you. We want to know how we can help you make healthcare just that little more caring, and a whole lot easier.

Our team:

Meet Dr Tal. A father of two crazy young boys – who make him laugh (and occasionally yell – sorry kids) every day. He has always believed that as a doctor he would help people every day. Yet the system in which he worked, which was created to serve our patients ended up becoming enslaved to administration, billing, and people turned into bed numbers… so wanted to do something different he was determined to build a new way for medicines – a new future for prescriptions. ScalaMed.

Say Bonjour to our genius digital lead Arthur. A global citizen, originally from France, Arthur believes in helping people find the best information about their health and their conditions. Arthur understands how to leverage the power of digital to engage and help people transform their lives. Whether it is helping people with pill trackers or pill tracking, online medication management, real time prescription benefits, finding cheap and cost effective Rx choices, reducing the chance of medication or drug to drug interactions, or finding a pharmacy near me, Arthur is always helping us get closer to the consumer to drive change in healthcare. 

Ricky is a pharmacist and entrepreneur, and has seen first hand how challenging is its for patients to manage their medications Hailing from California,  Ricky deeply understands and empathizes with what it is like to spend time in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies across the world. Ricky leverages his professional experience to influence and stamp his own impact in creating simple to use and understandable product that make managing our health easy, and even occasionally pleasurable.

Say hi to Syed, our CTO. A self-motivated developer with an immense amount of experience at creating amazing cose that is consumer centered. Syed oversees the creation of ScalaMed and is passionate about making a difference in this world. An entrepreneur at heart, he fundamentally believes that when we harness artificial intelligence and smart computing we can have a huge impact on the future of medicine and healthcare.    

Rakesh who comes to us with a colorful religious and cultural background, brings vitality, experience, and passion to our team. Rakesh from his time working in travel and retail understands how far health has fallen behind other industries in its road towards consumer centricity. Desperate to take the learnings from other industries and apply them to healthcare, Rakesh writes gorgeous code and creates new ways to interact with you through our technology.

There are so many others in our team and extended team – all aligned in our values of compassion, creativity and commitment to do good in this world.

Always looking for amazing individuals who want to change the world of healthcare.

To life.

The ScalaMed team