Privacy and Security

The only person in common at the clinic, the hospital, the pharmacy, and the specialist – is you. So it makes perfect sense, that you own your data, you have 24/7 access to it, and that you can use it to help you get the right medicines, at the right time and at the right price.

Most health data today is stored in big database owned by private companies – and we consumers lack access to our information. So many of us find it impossible to remember the names of those difficult to remember medicines and dosages, and yet, we are not given our information.

At ScalaMed, we believe in giving you your data, and helping you to easily take your medicines. We use the latest in bank-grade encryption to keep your data secure and are also exploring a new secure technology called blockchain to help secure your data and make sure what is private stays private. However, we also know how important it is to be able to share your information with your loved ones and your care teams – and our technology does this easily – on your terms – not ours.

Now for the geek talk – ScalaMed is a cryptographically secure network, resulting in instant transactions, privacy, security, immutability, accountability, and impeccable record keeping. It is architected to plug into existing medical records (EHRs), resulting in minimal integration overhead and business disruption. ScalaMed is compliant with all data security requirements, ISO standards, and global standards – including HIPAA compliant and protects the privacy and security of information exchanged through the platform.

What is Blockchain

  • Blockchain is a new technological way to de-centralize data in a secure and accessible way.
  • Blockchain technology is a way to remove the middle-men in healthcare and offers a way to bring a consumer centered approach to our health. In the past, in order to ensure that transactions could occur on the internet, we would appoint a third party, like a bank, to act as a middle-man for us to ensure everything went smoothly. For example, when we send money to a third party online store, we would send money to the bank, who would verify that we have the money in our account, they would keep the money for a few days (and make interest on it and sometimes charge us fees as well), and then pass it on to the shop. The bank would profit from this transaction because there was no simple way of transferring digital assets like money from one person to a shop without this “bank” in the middle. Blockchain technology allows for individuals to transfer digital assets (like money, or prescriptions) securely and directly to someone else, without anyone in the middle. Blockchain is a way to ensure that one’s prescriptions and medication history is owned by the individual, can be securely stored, with privacy, security, safety, and verification embedded in the technology, and can be shared, accessed and interpreted when necessary.
  • Blockchain offers a cryptographic way to store and access a verified list of transactions, data, information, results, and procedures, not relying on one storage facility, instead distributed across numerous nodes that instantaneously verify the data to ensure records aren’t lost, misplaced, tampered, falsified or exposed to hacking.
We respect your privacy. ScalaMed understands that information regarding your health is sensitive personal information, and we take this seriously. We never sell any data that identifies you.